Do you know if computer science is difficult?

June 4, 2012


I am going to be a senior and I am a CS major so I can answer this pretty well. It is a pretty difficult major and requires almost twice as many classes as most other majors, but it is very doable.

If you have never touched programing then yes the major will be really hard, especially at the beginning since the first classes are “weed out” classes. What i mean by that is the classes move fast and are hard in order to get rid of the kids who can’t handle the workload from the start. CS111 and CS112 are classes like that but you learn a ton in them.

If you have had some programming experience it won’t be hard to pass the early classes with a B/C. Most classes are graded on a curve and are pretty doable if you do all the assignments.

In my opinion computer science is a hard major to get an A in the classes. I consider myself a decent programmer and the highest grade I have gotten has been a B+. There will be some really smart students in your classes who already know everything. Those are the kids getting the A’s and they are really difficult to catch up to.

On a different note be ready to work your ass off. Computer Science is one of those majors you are required to learn a ton on your own. The classes go over the basics but the assignments will be harder. Google is your best friend and also try to meet people in your classes. Bouncing ideas off of other people will really benefit you. As much as I complained about the work, I do feel like I learned a lot and am very happy with the major. Also once you get past CS111, CS112, Discrete 1 & 2 the classes get more interesting.

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