Where do most girls buy their clothes? What kind of weather should we be dressing for?

June 4, 2012


Haha I must be the completely wrong person to answer this as a guy in CS but here goes nothing. I noticed that most girls buy clothes from places like Forever 21, American Eagle, Express, PacSun, and Urban Outfitters. All pretty standard places in your local mall. Don’t stress to much about trying to fit in with the majority. I know I say it a lot but this isn’t high school. Nobody is going to make fun of you or anything about your choice of clothes. You will soon realize that lots of girls go to class in a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a pair of uggs lol. Wear whatever you like, don’t change for the Rutgers’s style because honestly there isn’t one. Well unless you are talking about Rutgers themed clothes, they are always popular around campus.

On another note dress for ALL weather. I can’t stress this enough! During the winter it is freezing, and during spring it gets really hot. Some winter days i feel like I am dressing for siberia, so definitely bring a warm jacket.

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