The Truth About Greek Life

September 1, 2011

Greek Life, Tips

I personally am not interested in sororities. Just has never really been my thing, but there are a lot of people who are (this goes for frats, too). There are two schools of thought when it comes to the info I’ve gathered about Rutgers Greek Life.

1. Don’t believe everything they tell you.
It may sound great and the sisters/brothers make it sound like the most awesome thing ever. Don’t always believe it. If you’re trying to rush a sorority or fraternity, you need to listen to YOURSELF and yourself ONLY for what you feel comfortable with. You need to decide what you’re looking for in greek life. Do you want partying and meeting chicks/guys, do you want people who are solely about community service, etc. You will come across fake people who bring the drama. It happens. And it’s not just at Rutgers, OR in Greek Life. But it happens. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Trust yourself and do what you think is comfortable, not what they tell you in order to get you to rush.

2. Don’t believe all the negative stuff
Greek Life gets a bad rep. Yeah, a lot of them haze, and I have heard stories about ones at Rutgers doing different versions of hazing and whatnot during Hell Week, but it really is a great thing. At Rutgers, all of the sororities and frats do amazing amounts of community service and things. The RU Dance Marathon (RUDM) is one way. I know they raise a LOT of money and all of the proceeds goes to children with cancer and blood disorders. Along with that, it really is a great way to meet people. Yeah, some say you “pay for your friends” when you pledge, but honestly… (and again I wouldn’t know for sure, I just know from others’ stories), you have an opportunity to meet people you’ll be friends with for life, and for when you get out of school, you have people to network with when you’re looking for jobs. Because Rutgers is so big, there are lots of frats and sororities to join.

Also as general info, I know if you wanna join a frat/sorority, but don’t wanna live in their house, you don’t have to. There are also Co-Ed fraternities (there’s an academic/volunteering one for people enrolled in SEBS). Frats also have the best parties at Rutgers. On a Friday/Saturday, go down to Frat Row, see what the ratios are (I’ll explain ratios later on), and try to get in haha.

And hey, if you wanna do volunteer work, you don’t HAVE to join a frat/sorority to do it.

To sum it up: decide for yourself what works for you, take the good with the bad about Greek Life, and do what makes you happy

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