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Sit in the Open Seat on the Bus.

October 17, 2011


I’m currently writing this tip on the bus because it’s really irritating to me and I’m sure the people who have to stand on the bus.

Say you’re getting on an LX, EE, H, or A. It’s not too crowded yet, but you know it will be at the next stop. This is common sense, but seriously, if there’s an open seat on the bus and you’re already standing, TAKE THE SEAT. Then the fact that you’re blocking the way means that people getting on the bus at the next stop have to stand and can’t get past each other TO take the seat. Just go sit down, the person next to you isn’t gonna care, and you’re not doing anyone a favor by just standing there next to an open seat.

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Know Your Campuses

September 29, 2011


So I wanted to kinda break down each campus for everyone the best I could, just so you’re semi-familiar with each one before you come here. Just some info about them, what’s there, the lecture halls, etc. If you have any questions about something I didn’t mention, let me know!

Main campus for: SEBS, Rutgers Gardens
Dining Hall: Neilson
Campus Center: Cook Campus Center (CCC)
Freshmen dorms: Helyar House, Voorhees, Perry, Nicholas
Upperclassmen dorms/apartments: Helyar House, Newells, Starkeys
Lecture halls: Food Science auditorium, Cook-Douglass Lecture Hall
Hot spots on campus: Passion Puddle, the farm,

Main campus for: Douglass Residential College, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Dining hall: Neilson
Campus Center: Douglass College Center (DCC)
Freshmen dorms: Lippincott, Katzenbach, New Gibbons, Jameson
Upperclassmen dorms/apartments: Old Gibbons, Jameson, Woodbury Bunting-Cobb, Henderson
Special-interest dorms: Woodbury Bunting-Cobb
Lecture halls: Loree, Hickman Hall, Ruth Adams (one room)
Hot spots on campus: Douglass library, Voorhees chapel area

College Ave
Main campus for: College of Nursing, center of Rutgers New Brunswick
Dining Hall: Brower Commons
Campus Center: Rutgers Student Center
Freshmen dorms: Clothier Hall, Tinsely Hall, Mettler Hall, Stonier Hall, Frelinghuysen Hall,
Upperclassmen dorms/apartments: Hegeman Hall, Wessels Hall, Leupp Hall, Pell Hall, Mettler Hall, Stonier Hall, Frelinghuysen Hall, Hardenbergh Hall, Campbell Hall, Rockoff, Easton Ave
Special-interest dorms: Brett Hall, Leupp Hall, Frelinghuysen Hall,
Lecture Halls: Voorhees Hall, Scott Hall, Art History, Milledoler Hall, Van Dyck Hall
Hot spots on campus: Grease trucks, frat row, Easton Ave, train station, George Street

Main campus for: Engineering, Pharmacy, Football & other sports
Dining Hall: Busch
Campus Center: Busch Campus Center (BCC)
Freshmen dorms: Davidson Hall, Metzger, Allen Hall, BEST Hall
Upperclassmen apartments: Silvers, Nichols, Richardson,
Upperclassmen Suites: Judson, Crosby, McCormick, Morrow, Winkler, Thomas
Special-interest dorms: McCormick, Metzger, Barr Hall, Mattia
Lecture Halls: Hill Center, Allison Road Classrooms (the ARC), Science and Engineering Resource Center (the SERC), Wright Chem Building, Engineering building, William Levin Hall (Pharmacy), Physics lecture hall
Hot spots on campus: Rutgers Stadium, Werbler Rec Center, home to other sports complexes

Main campus for: Rutgers Business School, the RAC, other sports complexes
Dining Hall: Livingston Dining Commons
Campus Center: Livingston Student Center (the LSC)
Freshmen dorms: Quad I, Quad II, Lynton Towers (North Tower)
Upperclassmen dorms/apartments: Quad I, Quad II, Quad III, Lynton Towers (North and South)
Special-interest dorms: Quad I, Lynton Towers (South Tower)
Lecture Halls: Lucy Stone Hall, Beck Hall, Tillett Hall
Hot spots on campus: student center, the RAC for the basketball games, other sports, Livingston theater

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Don’t Expect a Snow Day

September 29, 2011


If you lived in an area who got lots of snow days… well, sorry. Honestly, it probably won’t happen. If the weather is ridiculous and snowing and icy, they might cancel classes after a certain time in the day. Like we’ve had days where classes after 4pm were cancelled, and classes before 1:30 were cancelled, but at least last year, we never experienced having a whole day of no classes. It’s not really like high school where you have school buses and parents driving from different towns. The buses are like regular transportation. They won’t stop the buses in a city for a little ice; it’s the same thing at Rutgers. Besides, you have the ability to walk to classes. If it does snow, plan ahead and leave earlier for classes.

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Leisurely Travel on the Weekend Buses

September 3, 2011


As I’ve explained before, I like my alone time, so one or 2 times when I had nothing to do and people went home for the weekend, I took it upon myself to get on a weekend bus with my iPod and just ride on it. I love doing that. If you need an escape from work or people or anything, try it. Sometimes, all I need is my iPod and a semi-quiet environment and I feel better. It’s like an hour ride from one place back to the same place. You have the resource, you pay for it in your tuition, so use it to your advantage once in a while.

If you’re gonna do this though, you might wanna wait until after the first month of school. The buses have been ridiculously crowded lately, as they usually are at the beginning of the semester, so maybe hold out until the middle of the semester if you want.

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Know/Pay Attention to Weekend Bus Routes

September 1, 2011


Everyone will at least once complain about Rutgers’ weekend buses for 3 reasons:
1). They don’t run as often as weekday buses
2). They stop at every single stop at Rutgers on every campus so it’s a long ride
3). The arrival times jump ahead on NextBus so they’re never accurate.

It took me a long time to learn the difference. Hell, I still know people who don’t know the difference. And no one explained this at my orientation, so I’ll do you all a favor.

There are 2 weekend buses. The Weekend 1 and the Weekend 2. They both go to the same places, just in reverse order. The Weekend 1 goes from College Ave, Busch, Livingston, C/D, downtown NB, and back to CA. The weekend 2 goes College Ave, downtown, C/D, Livingston, Busch, and C/A again. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!! A whole ride, depending on the time of day can take up to an hour, so if you take the wrong bus and need to be somewhere, you’re kinda screwed.

ALSO, do NOT trust NextBus (the website that tells you bus schedules for every route online. There’s also an app) on the weekend. Say for instance it says a weekend 1 is coming in 40 minutes. You can check it 10 minutes later and it’ll be 20 minutes. See where it goes wrong? Depending on how far you are from the bus stop you’re going, always give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes so you don’t end up running for the bus or missing it. Because sometimes if you miss it, it’ll be another half hour until the next bus since they don’t run as frequently.
I know, it’s super annoying. Everyone thinks so, but you have to be prepared. it’s a big school, there are a ton of stops and people going on the buses, so always think ahead.

To sum it up: weekend buses suck, so plan ahead and keep track of the times. Oh and know the difference between both buses!

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Know Your Weekday Bus Routes

September 1, 2011

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I’m about to break down one of the most important things you need to know about Rutgers: the weekday bus system. It’s confusing at first but once you know where everything goes it’s super easy. I’ll start with my home ground.

-EE: goes from C/D=>College Ave and back. Stops at every bus stop on C/D. Makes more stops and goes through George Street to get to College Ave., also stops at a few places on George Street (downtown New Bruns.) and at the train station.
-F: C/D=>College Ave, but after the College Hall stop (last stop on Douglass), it goes on Route 18 to College Ave. it’s quicker and would be my choice when going to class. Only thing that sucks is that it stops running after 9pm.
-REXL: C/D=>Livingston. Stops at 5 stops on C/D (Red Oak Lane, Lipman Hall, College Hall, Public Safety building, Jameson). Only goes to Beck Hall, a stop after it, and the student center. The ONLY bus from C/D that goes to Livingston.
-REXB: C/D=>Busch. Stops at the same C/D stops the REXL does, but on Busch it goes to Werblin sometimes (the gym), Hill Center, and the Allison Road Classrooms building. Again, only bus from C/D to Busch.

 Busch=>College Ave. Makes all stops actually ON College Ave and most stops on Busch I believe. The quicker bus.
-A: Busch=>College Ave. Makes more stops than the H.
-B: Busch=>Livingston. Makes all stops on Livingston and most on Busch.
-C: Busch commuter shuttle. Takes commuters from the stadium lot to Werblin, Hill Center, Allison Road Classrooms.

 College Ave=>Livingston. Takes Route 18. Stops at all Livi stops and all stops on College Ave.


As you can see, College Ave is a bumpin’ campus, as it has the most stops. I remember in orientation, it was SEBS-associated so they told us about the buses from C/D, but I had no idea about the other ones until I figured them out for myself. This is an important guide just in case you’re going from class to class on another campus other than your own.

To sum it up: the buses can be confusing at first, but memorize it, watch NextBus for schedules, and be prepared for when classes start.

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