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Don’t Be Shy During Orientation

September 1, 2011


You won’t know your group, nor will you know the person you’re rooming with in the Towers. So talk to them! Hopefully you’ll have a super awesome leader like I did (Nick <3), and he’ll be really into your participation and questions and stuff. But if you don’t, ask people where they’re from, where they’re living, stuff they do for fun. Like legit, ask them ANYTHING and it’ll help.

Sometimes though, just asking questions won’t help completely. My group was really nice, but pretty shy. It was hard to get conversation going, so be as outgoing as possible. Make jokes, laugh, listen to people. Trust me, it helps… ESPECIALLY since you’re gonna be with these people allllll day. Of my group of maybe 12 good friends, almost half of them met at orientation. Once you get to talking and stuff, it becomes easier and less awkward trying to meet people.

Don’t feel intimidated or worried that you won’t come out of orientation with friends. Because sometimes you don’t. I didn’t. But hey… it’s a start. I got lucky because my roommate and I scheduled the the same orientation and we met there and got to hang out, but everyone in my orientation group I really never became good friends with. Like I said, it’s cool. nbd. But it prepares you for being blunt and getting to know people when you move it.

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