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To the new visitors from the Targum!

December 7, 2011


We just wanted to say thanks to the Targum for writing such a great article about us. To all the new visitors, we are so happy to have you!

Please comment on this post with some feedback on how we can make this site better for you. You can sign in with facebook or even submit a comment anonymously.

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You can now build your Spring 2012 schedule on Webreg.

October 27, 2011


Just go on Webreg, click “Course Schedule Planner”, and from there you can add classes.

To actually BUILD the schedule, click “Build Schedules” and you can go in, and make up a schedule and save it, so come registration, as long as the classes aren’t full, you can register that exact schedule.

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Sit in the Open Seat on the Bus.

October 17, 2011


I’m currently writing this tip on the bus because it’s really irritating to me and I’m sure the people who have to stand on the bus.

Say you’re getting on an LX, EE, H, or A. It’s not too crowded yet, but you know it will be at the next stop. This is common sense, but seriously, if there’s an open seat on the bus and you’re already standing, TAKE THE SEAT. Then the fact that you’re blocking the way means that people getting on the bus at the next stop have to stand and can’t get past each other TO take the seat. Just go sit down, the person next to you isn’t gonna care, and you’re not doing anyone a favor by just standing there next to an open seat.

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Livingston Dining Commons

October 8, 2011


A picture I took of Livingston Dining Commons on October 5.

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What is the Douglass Residential College?

September 30, 2011


Ladies, if you’re considering enrolling in it, read this post. One of my friends from high school who’s gonna be a freshmen asked me about it and I figured if she had questions, a bunch of others probably do, too.

What is it?
So, the DRC is like a section of Rutgers open to all undergraduate women who wanna be part of it. It’s like a community of women that guide you in the right direction as to what you wanna do in the future and give you a bunch of resources and opportunities for networking when you graduate. You’re part of this section of Rutgers, you take a couple courses on women’s history and things like that (which fulfill the diversity requirement for the school), and you get involved in clubs and things like that within the residential college.

What are the benefits?
You’re automatically eligible for a bunch of scholarships. You get a mentor and extra advising which is awesome because it’s someone you can go to one-on-one when you need her. They have something called an “externship”, which is like an internship in the sense that you’re assigned to an alumni who’s working in the field that you wanna go into after graduation for like 2 weeks. It’s neat because you can make lots of networking connections and it might help you out a LOT when you graduate and are looking for a job. 

Dorming arrangements
So freshmen year you’re living in these dorm on Douglass called Katzenbach and New Gibbons. Katzenbach is an all-girls dorm and you’re living with an RA and a peer mentor, I think. I don’t know what the DRC’s section of Gibbons is like but I’d imagine it’d be kinda the same. After your freshmen year or if you’re a transfer, you’d live in Jameson or Woodbury Hall, or the Henderson Apartments, all on Douglass. The Bunting-Cobb residence hall is like a special-interest dorm (for math, science, engineering, etc).

Is all of Douglass the DRC?
No. And I think people get confused by this. If you’re assigned to Douglass, that’s different than being enrolled in the residential college. All of Douglass is not all girls. And Cook/Douglass is still the same campusThere are co-ed dorms on Douglass (Lippincott, other parts of New Gibbons), so not all of them are girls’ dorms. The DRC just happens to be ON Douglass, but it’s not all of the campus.

To sum it up: It’s a cool opportunity, so check it out if you’re interested. One of my friends is in it and she loves it.

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What to Bring

September 29, 2011


What a better way to make the 100th Rutgers Tip than to make it the most important one of all! I could have copy and pasted freshmantips’s list, but a lot of the stuff was excess and well, I’ll give you a more centralized list)

-XL twin bed set (comforter, sheets, a fitted sheet, pillow cases)
-mattress pad (makes the bed much more comfortable)
-pillows (I had 2, I’m getting another next year)
-extra set of XL twin sheets (just in case you don’t wanna do laundry
-extra blanket/snuggie
-optional: some of my friends had those cotton sheets that are for bed bugs. I never had or heard anyone have problems because of the mattresses, but it’s a good precaution.

-laptop (as opposed to a desktop)
-lap desk/cooling fan (I’m buying one for next year. Will definitely come in handy if you wanna sit on your bed, which I and many others do a lot)
-laptop case
-printer (this is semi-optional. The school gives you money to print but I had the printer so I brought it)
-printer paper
-an extra set of printer ink
-ethernet cable OR router (go for the router but avoid NETGEAR… it sucks)
-a USB flashdrive
-surge protector
-pencils/pens/highlighters/a black sharpie
-plenty of post-it notes
-tape dispenser/extra tape
-cup to hold the pencils and such on your desk (my roommate had a desklamp that had a holder for this stuff. It was pretty neat)
-extra staples
-paper clips (and those black and silver type clips. They’ll come in handy)
-a few envelopes/stamps
-pencil bag to keep the shit in you bring to class

-easy mac. Lots… and lots… of easy mac.
-water bottles (trade off with your roommate who’s gonna buy the packs when you run out)
-tea, lemon juice, honey
-a mug
-plastic plates/utensils
-oatmeal (Quaker makes super awesome oatmeal to go that you just microwave.)
-granola bars
-basically whatever snack food you have
**a bin or something to keep it all so it doesn’t take up a bunch of space on your dresser

-shower caddy
-enough shampoo/conditioner/soap
-an ample amount of shaving cream
-razors/extra blades
-Multiple towels
-toothbrush (and maybe an extra normal one if you use a spin brush. I had one that broke twice :| )
-toothpaste + extra
-floss + extra
-obviously tampons/pads for the ladies. 
-whatever type of facial cleaner you use.
**Anything you use in your shower, bring, and bring extras.

-all your shorts
-all your jeans/pants (even the nicer stuff
-plenty of t-shirts (for the ladies: some days you’re not gonna wanna look nice lmao)
-sweatshirts you know you’re gonna wear
-all your underwear
-plenty of socks
-flip flops
-regular shoes
-specifically for the ladies:
-all your skirts
-all your nice shirts
-any type of jean jacket/leather jacket/nice sweaters or whatever that you have
-boots, heels, nice flip flops, flats
-dresses. All of them
-all your bras
-a small purse or clutch to bring to parties
**seriously. bring everything you have, even if you think it’s ridiculous, you’ll end up making use of it for a party
-for the fellas:
-any type of polo shirts you have
-any button down shirts/dress shirts
-nice pants/trousers
-nice shoes

-lysol spray
-lysol wipes
-swiffer dust and shine wood spray
-a rag you can use for the swiffer spray
-a vacuum
-a broom/dust pan if your dorm will be hard floor. The towers in Livingston have hard floors, I know.

-allergy pills
-cough medicine
-sore throat medicine
-an ice pack
-optional: if you can find aloe gel, bring it. It’s AWESOME.

-laundry detergent
-dryer sheets
-bra bag for the ladies (if you don’t know, you put your underwear and bras in there and it cleans them a little more delicately)
-drying rack (good for drying nicer shirts that might otherwise shrink in the dryers)

-jewelry/makeup, etc (ladies. I don’t wear jewerly or makeup ever. I found myself pulling out what I had for parties sometimes. Bring it just in case!)
-hair dryer
-straightener/curling iron/etc.
-hair spray
-hair gel
-extra hair ties/headbands/bobby pins/clips
-if you can buy a bigger mirror, bring it. I was too short to really use the ones they have in the dorms.
-a little mirror
-nail clippers/tweezers/nail file
**anything you use or think you might use, bring it.

a floor lamp or 2 (seriously, the dorm lights make you feel like a prisoner
hooks (those 3M hooks work really well. I’d get 2 packs of them)
-if your dorm has no air conditioning, bring a box fan or 2. If it does, I’d still bring a small fan just in case it breaks. It happens.
-DON’T BRING TRASHCANS/RECYCLING. The university will give them to you fo’ free!
-pictures/posters/whatever you want on your wall
-your phone chargers, iPod chargers, whatever chargers
-batteries (if you use a graphing calculator)
-TV (a small one)
-picture frames
an extra bin to keep extra stuff in
-a calendar
-a dry erase board for the outside of your door/dry erase markers
-plastic water bottles (you probably got one at orientation—keep it!)
-an iHome
-alarm clock if you don’t use your phone alarm
-social security card/insurance card/driver’s license/YOUR RUTGERS ID
-As a commentator pointed out condoms (better safe than sorry)

some tips:
-don’t overpack. Bring what you know you’re gonna use
-if you can, bring some of your warmer stuff with you if you don’t foresee yourself going home before the middle of October
-Buy an ID holder or put it in your wallet if it’s small. But if you DO, buy a lanyard at the bookstore so you can keep everything in one place.
-memorize your ID number. Like I’ve said before, it’s really helpful
-you really don’t need a bunch of extra plastic drawers or any of the gimmicky stuff they sell in stores. You do get a decent amount of space.

To sum it up: Read through the list. If you have any questions, let me know!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Gas Money

September 29, 2011


If you have a car, you’re gonna be driving people around a lot. You will. My friends and I went a lot of places because like 4 of them had cars on campus. With gas prices and all, it can get expensive, so if you’re gonna make a trip somewhere with everyone, it’s okay to be like “hey can you guys spot me a few bucks”? It’s totally reasonable and if they bitch at you, well… they’re dumb. They probably won’t bitch at you for that though. But yeah, don’t worry if you need the money, just ask.

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Buy Used Books

September 23, 2011


Buying textbooks is a pain in the ass and in your wallet, so if you buy used books, you’ll save money. Easy as that. For some of us (the psych majors), you’ll only have the option to buy new books because they’re loose leaf. Literally, it’ll be a wrapped stack of papers that you need to put in a binder. In that case, those books are custom to the university, meaning there is a real book, but the school cuts out some chapters that won’t be covered. So the loose-leaf will be cheaper and that’ll be what you want. Other than that, go with used books. You’ll be happy you did.

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As a reminder about tomorrow’s change in classes:

September 7, 2011


Even though tomorrow is THURSDAY, you’re going to your MONDAY classes all day. Treat tomorrow like you would a Monday.

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Attend MSGA Performances

September 3, 2011


In case you didn’t know, Mason Gross School of the Arts is Rutgers’s performing arts school. They have theater, visual art, music, and my personal favorite, dance. I was a dance minor last year and even though I dropped it, taking classes in the minor allowed me to meet some really freakin’ talented people. So my advice is to go see these talented people perform at least once. If you take an art appreciation class, you’ll see at least one performance by students in one of the departments. I took dance appreciation and I saw 2 performances by the dance department. Even if you’re an artist, go to the Zimmerli (the art museum on College Ave) and look at the artwork. If you danced in high school, or were in the band or involved in drama, go see one of the performances. It might sway you to audition for the school.

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